About CoalitieChecker

CoalitieChecker is a tool that quickly calculates all possible coalitions for the 2023 general elections in the Netherlands. In the months leading up to the elections, we use the peilingwijzer poll aggregator as source for the seat distribution. Immediately when the election results are in, we'll switch to using the official count.

We list all possible minimal winning coalitions, except for when a cooperation between two parties in a coalition has been ruled out in advance. This is frequently the case for Geert Wilders' PVV, which has been sidelined by all other major party leaders despite the party's popularity in recent polls.

In the default view, coalitions are sorted by their seat count, to list the largest majorities on top. However, since forming a coalition is only possible when parties can reach consensus on a wide range of issues, we also offer an overview sorted by compatibility. There, party positions as declared in our country's largest voting aid application are compared and coalitions are ranked higher if all parties in the coalition have compatible views.

For additional questions, feel free to reach out using @coalitiechecker@mastodon.nl or email: lars at coalitiechecker nl.